Primary Section

After a carefree and enjoyable stage in the pre primary wing, the learners in Primary Section are now ready to tackle the fundamentals of knowledge. The focus is not on acquiring study skills , but to introduce the child to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. The learner is at the forefront replacing the traditional methods of explaining, memorising and testing. Students first discover the process of how to learn and subsequently the details of the learning process are easily acquired. .
Efforts are made to involve and stimulate all the nine intelligences and promote the cognitive, social and moral development of the child. Each concept is taught using Audio Visual aids as well as Story Telling and Enacting to make the learning process more exciting. The system followed involves enquiring, questioning, weighing alternatives, problem solving and discussion. In the process of understanding ideas, children improve skills like reading, writing, researching, reasoning and communicating.
Theme based learning and team work are encouraged among the students. Information on people and other living things, places, history, geography and other cultures are presented to the child in the form of pictorial information. Stories are combined together to present facts in a living, integrated context rather than as a series of separate divorced subjects.Children are introduced to computers at the primary level. The school has a fully equipped Computer Room under expert teachers who provide the ideal environment for children to pick up the basic concepts. A Science Lab is also made available for the students
To ensure an all round development, students are allowed to choose from a wide range of co-curricular activities. Specialists guide the students in games, arts, yoga, karate, skating and other specialized activities. Students are exposed to both intra school and inter school competitions. Excursions, educational trips, picnics, movie shows etc. serve as supportive academic tools for the student's holistic development and help them to handle real life situations.
At AEMS we follow the Learner Partnership Framework wherein parents are expected to provide an appropriate home environment and moral support to their wards. Regular parent-teacher contact is maintained though PTA meetings, Meet the Teacher sessions, Open House and Progress Reports. At school we continuously evaluate the efforts and achievements put in by young learners daily with a system of grading. Remedial measures are built into the system with no segregation of weak, average, good students or any attaching stigma. Every student's attempt to improve is noted and encouraged.
The primary section in this way unifies the psycho-social, physical and academic functioning of the child. It's task is to guide students to confront challenges, solve them to the best of their ability and to gain confidence from such learning experiences. A positive attitude towards school, inner security, a sense of pride in the country and responsibility to other members of the class, society and community is also encouraged.

At AEMS we strive to promote 'Successful Learners' and 'Responsible Citizens' with:

• Enthusiasm and Motivation for learning
• Determination to reach high standards of achievement
• Openness to new ideas and thinking
• Commitment to participate responsibly in political, economic, social and cultural life
• Respect for others
• Ability to make informed choices and decisions
• Independent thinking and Creativity