Play Ground

Games And Sport

We at Anekant English Medium School lay emphasis on student’s ability to get along with others and work together for common purposes. We introduce games that do not have high intensity and where the children do not have to exert much but must have enjoyable experience. Through sports and games we develop a sense of belongingness and sportsmanship in students. So we catch them young. The games and sports and team competition not only help them in keeping fit and healthy but also develop a Team spirit and leadership qualities. We believe in participation more than competition. We inculcate the idea of sports in the child at a very young age and then watch them grow. We have identified several disciplines in which competitions could be held for preprimary and primary sections in the school. In athletics, for example, there will be competitions in Balancing, Jumping, Climbing, Swinging, Hop jump, Frog jump, Zigzag run, Tiger face etc.